Excavations and project management

I have been involved in fieldwork since the mid 1990s, and have had the privelage to work with, and learn from, excellent archaeologists in both the commercial and academic sectors. Two projects that have been particularly important for me are the excavations by Colin Renfrew's team at the island of Keros and my own excavations at Priniatikos Pyrgos. A new and exciting project I embarked on with colleagues from Belgrade in 2015 is the investigation of the site of Idjos in Serbia.

Final season of excavation at Priniatikos Pyrgos, 2010

Other fieldwork

2014-present: Co-DirectorBorderlands ARISE (Archaeological Research of Idjos Site and Environment) Neolithic to Early Iron Age settlement, mortuary and environmental focussed excavation project in Serbia.

2007-present: Director: Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, Priniatikos Pyrgos excavation project, multi-period coastal site, Greece

2006-2008: Supervisor, Researcher: British School at Athens, Cambridge Keros excavation project, Early Bronze Age sanctuary and habitation site, Greece

July – August 2006: Supervisor: , Cistercian Abbey, in Roscommon, Ireland
July – September 2004: Area SupervisorBritish School at Athens, Lefkandi / Xeropolis project, Iron Age levels of a tell site, in Euboea, Greece

January  – June 2004: Senior Supervisor: Cultural Resource Development Services, Bronze Age complex, Medieval settlement, Neolithic henge monument in Meath, Ireland

November 2003 - December 2003: Archaeologist: Irish Archaeological Consultancy, Viking and Medieval habitation in Dublin, Ireland

July 2003 - November 2003: Supervisor: Archaeological Consultancy Services, Bronze and Iron Age features, Medieval limekiln and domestic structure in Cork, Ireland

June 2003: Archaeologist: Institute of Archaeology, Brno, Uhersk� Hradiště Area, Palaeolithic habitation, Czech Republic

September - October 2002: Supervisor: British School at Athens, Little Palace North project at Knossos. Multi-period Bronze Age to Roman tell site, Crete

August 2002: Archaeologist: Network Archaeology, multi-period sites on gas pipeline scheme. Norfolk,  England

May - July 2002: Supervisor: Archaeological Consultancy Services, Early Medieval burial ground, Kildare, Ireland               
August - October 2001: Trench Supervisor: Greek Ministry of Culture, Xalasmenos Late Bronze-Early Iron Age village in Crete

July 2000 - August 2001: Site Assistant: Margaret Gowen and Co. Ltd., Urban and rural excavations including Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Medieval and Post-medieval, various locations in Ireland.
July 1997: Volunteer: University College Dublin, Knowth excavation project, Meath, Ireland