My presentations

Conferences and sessions organised

2014 European Association of Archaeologists annual meeting session on maritime mobility in collaboration with Marina Milić and Ciler Cilingiroğlu.

2014 14th meeting of the Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group session on agency in archaeology in collaboration Christian Horn.

2013 Sheffield Aegean Round Table on connectivity in Southeast Europe and Anatolia.

2012 Research and Excavation at Priniatikos Pyrgos and Environs 1912-2012 in collaboration with Chloe Duckworth.

2008 The World Archaeological Congress in collaboration with Angelos Papadopoulos.

2003 Session at Theoretical Archaeology Group conference at Lampeter.


Invited lectures

May 2014 University College London Mycenaean Seminar  Paper presentation: “Nought may endure but Mutability: Intercultural encounters and material transformations in the thirteenth to eleventh century BC Balkans and Aegean”

April 2013 University of Newcastle, invited seminar presentation: “How Bronze Age weapons ‘work’”

April 2013 University of Newcastle, invited lecture presentation:  “Tinker, sailor, soldier, revisionist historian… connectivity, warfare, and elite agendas in the twelfth century South Balkans”

March 2013 University of Amsterdam, invited lecture presentation:, “Migrations great and small: Connectivity in Late Bronze Age Southeast Europe”

November 2011 University of Sheffield Historical Metallurgy Society Annual Meeting, Invited session Chair.

November 2011 University of Oxford PEGGS Seminar invited paper presentation: “Malice in Wonderland: War and society in Bronze Age Crete”

October 2011 University of Gothenburg Bronze Age research seminar invited seminar presentation: “Martial Minoans: War as social process, practice and event in prehistory”

October 2010 Trinity College Dublin, Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens Annual Meeting, invited lecture “Excavations at Priniatikos Pyrgos 2010”

December 2008 Trinity College Dublin Archaeological Society, invited lecture presentation: “From Mycenae to Marathon: The development of warfare in ancient Greece”

November 2008 University College Dublin Archaeological Society invited lecture presentation: “A diachronic view of trade, craft and exchange in East Crete: The case of Priniatikos Pyrgos”

November 2008 Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens annual meeting, invited annual lecture presentation, “5000 years of settlement and industry at Priniatikos Pyrgos”

November 2006 Liverpool University, Invited lecture presentation:  “Can you thrust a Minoan? A study of swords and swordsmanship in Bronze Age Crete”.

May 2005 The Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens Invited lecture presentation: “What’s the bloody point? Bronze Age weaponry in Ireland and the Aegean".

Other lectures and conference papers
March 2015 Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory international conference a City Museum of Skopje, co-authored with Neda Mirković-Marić,  Miroslav Marić,  Lidija Milašinović and Dragan Jovanović and entitled "The Gradište in Iđoš Site in the Light of Revisionary Archaeological Research"

January 2015 Annual Experimental Archaeology Conference at University College Dublin, co-authored with Mariusz Wisniewski entitled "Look with your eyes, not with your hands? Combining 3D visualisation and kinaesthetic methods for understanding use-wear on prehistoric"

September 2014 University of Istanbul, European Association of Archaeologists Session: Who is on Board? Maritime Perspectives on the Prehistoric Aegean. Paper presentation: “Shiny new things? Mobility, (non-)elites, and values in the Early Bronze Age I Aegean?”

April 2014 University of Stockholm, 14th meeting of the Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group Session: Small Things Brought Together: How We Build Agency. Paper presentation: “Bottoms up? Agency, networks, and World Systems Analysis.”

September 2013 University of West Bohemia, Plzeň European Association of Archaeologists, Paper presentation: “Scrying, screening, or science? The role of handheld portable XRF and lead isotope studies in characterising archaeological bronzes” (with Roger Doonan)

September 2013 University of West Bohemia, Plzeň European Association of Archaeologists, Poster presentation: “Home-wreckers in Bronze Age Crete: Fragmentation of space and place at Early Bronze Age I Priniatikos Pyrgos.”

January 2013 Sheffield Aegean Round Table (Organiser), Of Odysseys and Oddities: Scales and modes of interaction between prehistoric Aegean societies and their neighbours  Paper presentation: “Raiders, traders, trinkets and identities in the Late / Final Bronze Age of the Balkan and Apennine peninsulas – a view from metalworking traditions”

December 2012 Gothenburg University, The impact of combat and warfare on societies in Bronze Age Europe and beyond, Paper presentation: “A portrait of Dorian Grey (areas): Warfare and mobility in the central and southern Balkan peninsula in the 13th to 11th centuries BC”

June 2012 Aarhus University, Cultural Mobility in Bronze Age Europe Paper presentation: “River, Land and Sea Peoples? Exploring mobility patterns and technological convergences through military material culture in the Late Bronze Age Balkans”

September 2011 Oslo University - European Association of Archaeologists session on
Innovations and technology transfers in Western Europe, between the Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages Paper presentation: "War and Innovation in Late Bronze Age Europe"

December 2009 University of Athens, Round table on Aegean Bronze Age warfare
Paper presentation: “Were the Minoans Behind the Shaft Graves? Minoan martial influence in Early Mycenaean society”

October 2009 University of Vienna, New perspectives on Bronze Age warfare conference Paper presentation: “Martial mechanics: How bronze weapons ‘work’”

August 2009 University College Dublin, Warfare and Society conference Paper presentation “From Bronze to Iron: A martial perspective on technological change” (with Ioannis Georganas)

January 2009 Archaeological Institute of America annual meeting Paper presentation: “Excavations at Priniatikos Pyrgos 2007 - 2008”

November 2008 Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens annual meeting, invited annual lecture presentation, “5000 years of settlement and industry at Priniatikos Pyrgos”

October 2008 Greek Ministry of Culture, Digital Heritage in the new knowledge environment Paper presentation: “The role of interrogable archives in the dissemination of information from the excavations at Priniatikos Pyrgos” (with William Megarry)

June 2008 University College Dublin – The World Archaeological Congress – The role of combat and violence in the creation of social identities Paper presentation: “Changes in cognitive capacities for violence in prehistory”

June 2008 Liverpool University conference on Warfare and society in the Ancient East Mediterranean Paper presentation: “The evolution of social receptions of legitimate violence in prehistoric Crete”

March 2008 University College Dublin – 1200 BC conference Paper presentation: “A Combat Archaeology perspective on changes in weaponry in Europe c.1200 BC”

February 2007 University of Cambridge – Later European Prehistory Group Seminar presentation “Artefact studies in action: Bronze Age weaponry from a combat perspective”

February 2007 McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge Lunchtime seminar presentation:  “Martial arts and materiality: Locating the warrior in Bronze Age society”

September 2005 University College Cork – Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), “Malice in Wonderland: Warfare in Bronze Age Crete.”

December 2004 Glasgow University - Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Paper presentation: “Weapons use and abuse: the archaeology of combat weaponry”

November 2004Southampton University – Bronze Age Forum Paper presentation:  “The use of Bronze Age swords from the British Isles”

December 2003 Lampeter University Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Paper presentation “The use of Irish Bronze Age ‘rapiers’”

March 2003 University College Cork – AYIA Paper presentation: “Irish Middle Bronze Age weaponry.”

February 2003 University College London – Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA), “The adoption of the Naue ii sword in the Aegean.”

December 2001 University College Dublin – Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Paper presentation: “The Art of War: changes in the depiction of warriors in Aegean Bronze Age art.”

October 2001 University College Cork – The ongoing influence of the Classical World Paper presentation:  “Heavy infantry in the Aegean Bronze Age and the western way of war.”