Press and outreach

Public outreach

Research is most important when it is accessible and understandable to a wide audience. I have been involved in many outreach projects and public events, and took particular pride in the organisation of open days and a community exhibition for our excavation project at Priniatikos Pyrgos in Crete. For me the most memorable must be the show-and-tell Alan Peatfield and I organised as part of the World Archaeological Congress in 2008, when we demonstrated techiques for using prehistoric weaponry through choreographed sparring and assaulting unsuspecting water melons.

Press engagement

A year did not pass when we were in the field in Crete when we did not have great interest and involvement from the local and national press. With regular interviews and feature pieces in the local Anatoli and the sadly now collapsed Athens News as well as local radio and television interviews, we very much enjoyed the chance to share our work with those who have supported it so well.

Not one to shy away from controversy, debate certainly arose on internet blogs and forums following recent coverage of my work on prehistoric warfare in national and international media including The Irish Times, The Daily Mail, Spiegel Magazine, Minerva Magazine, The Huffington post, Fox News, NBC News, Yahoo! News, and even the Jet2 airline magazine! Sides were taken, arguments had and discussion abounded, which certainly makes research feel very rewarding.