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Teaching and learning


2012 completed Sheffield Teaching Assistant course (seminar facilitation / small group teaching, large group teaching, supervising research projects, and assessment and feedback).


2015-2016 UCD School of Archaeology.

Module coordination, design, delivery, exam design and examination of Celtic and Mediterranean Europe (Stage 2).

Delivery, exam setting, mentoring and demonstration in the Combat Archaeology (Stage 2) module.

Practical seminar and lecture delivery and tutorial planning for The Prehistoric World module (Stage 1).

2014-2015 UCD School of Archaeology.

Joint module design, delivery, administration and examination Celtic and Mediterranean Europe (Stage 2).

Delivery and exam setting Combat Archaeology (Stage 2).

Module tutor, administration and examination in The Prehistoric World (Stage 1).

Demonstrator for the Exploring Archaeology module (Stage 1).

2013 Masaryk University, Brno.

Visiting lecturer. Module designed, delivered and administrated on Warfare and Society in Prehistoric Europe (24 contact-hour series for Stage 3 and master’s students.)

2012-2013 Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield.

Co-delivery, co-administration and examination of Reconstructing ancient technologies: Metals module for Stage 3 students.

2010-2011 UCD School of Archaeology.

Lectures for Minoan Archaeology (Stage 3) and Bronze Age Societies (Stage 3) modules.

2009 – 2010 UCD School of Archaeology

Co-design, delivery and contribution to examination of Combat Archaeology module (Stage 2).

Design, delivery and exam setting for thematic five lecture-block in Out of the Distant Past module (Stage 1).

Lecture and practical artefact study seminar deliveryand exam setting for Archaeology: Practical Methods module (Stage 2).

Design, delivery and exam setting for discrete lecture block on Bronze Age Societies module (Stage 3).

2008-2009 UCD School of Archaeology

Occasional lectures for Minoan Archaeology and Bronze Age Societies (Stage 3).

2004-2005 UCD School of Classics

Tutor covering 3 courses / modules.

Beyond the classroom

2007 & 2008 excavation Field School at Keros excavation
2008 - 2013 Field School at Priniatikos Pyrgos project

2009 Experimental archaeology seminars, Trinity College Dublin

2006 IIHSA: Leader of field-school at archaeological sites and museums in Greece